Teslaberry is the one-stop solution for people of all age groups, be it students or professionals in almost all stages of their career and growth. It focuses on helping people in activating their grey cells and enhancing their aptitude skills with mind-boggling puzzles and quizzes. The basic idea is to provide a single platform for all kinds of puzzles to people who can significantly benefit from improved memory, innovation, and creativity. It provides a simple interface to users to play brain games, solve daily puzzles, take part in regular contests, and pit their wits against complex puzzles thus offering a complete package to boost their skills, strengthen their focus and bolster their self-esteem.

This berry will make you as smart as Tesla. Believe me.....!

Currently, we are a team of 9 people. The idea of this platform was initiated by Mohit Chattlani(Technical head) and Akshin Bhardwaj(Content head) and Parth Bhardwaj(Content, Marketing head). The graphics work is handled by Swapnil Biswas and UI-UX by Sidhant Arora who have an all time love for artwork. Kavita Goodwani is helping us with Android app, web development and content marketing work. Harikrishnan CB is helping us with content, and bit marketing. Our core marketing team consists of Arnab Acharjee and Ansh Chawla. The idea of this website was inspired by our mentor Lloyd king, the famous puzzle maker.

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