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Puzzle 190

Which number replaces the question markand completes the puzzle?

Added on 21-11-2020

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Puzzle 189

The sum of two whole positive (greater than 0) numbers is 3. One of them is not 2. What is one of the numbers?
a) 0
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
e) cannot be determined

Added on 20-11-2020

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Puzzle 188

What number should replace the question mark?

Added on 19-11-2020

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Puzzle 187

Which letter replaces the question mark and completes the puzzle?

Added on 18-11-2020

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Puzzle 186

The three letters in sets I and II have something in common. What letter should be replaced by question mark so that an analogy exists between the first and second set?
I. A E L
II. P Q ?
a) M
b) T
c) U
d) V
e) W

Added on 17-11-2020

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Puzzle 185

Which word in brackets is closest in meaning to the wordin capitals?
FUSE (muzzle, explode, coalesce, immobilise, tighten)

Added on 16-11-2020

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