How to grow digitally?

By Mohit Chattlani
June 08,2021


There are various channels by which you can grow your products(app, website, youtube channel) and other services digitally. I have listed a few from my personal experience. Hope this will be fruitful for one and all.

1) Direct traffic:

Sharing links directly with people with whom you are in touch. This way you can get feedback from your close ones which will help you to enrich your content. They can also share the content with their contacts as well as groups.

2) Organic Social media:

Making social media pages for the content you are making. Regularly posting images, videos, content samples of your work along with keywords and hashtags with links back to your website, app, blogs, and youtube videos, etc. A lot of research needs to be done for growing your social media channels and keeping your followers engaged.

3) Paid Social media:

Running paid ad campaigns displaying your original work on social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. A poster, post, or a video can be created for the same. The rules and rates of these campaigns are governed by the respective social media websites.

4) Organic Search:

This is one of the best strategies to acquire new users to your content. Here you are required to research, analyze, and then use targeted titles, keywords, descriptions, dates, locations, hashtags, and other parameters according to the platform where you are posting your content. Google Search Console is a great tool to start with for analyzing the organic search performance of live websites.

5) Paid search:

You can pay search engines for specific keywords. If the users search for that particular keyword on the search engine, the link to your content will show at the top on the basis of how much you are paying for that specific keyword. Before opting in for this option a lot of research needs to be done to analyze what are the best keywords by which users are coming to your website. This can be done via tools like the Google Search console which keeps a track of all the queries by which user is coming to your website. A lot of money can be wasted if you don’t do good research before opting in for this option.

6) Referral traffic:

Approaching similar websites, apps, and youtube channel owners to add a referral link to your content on their assets. You can do the same i.e. add their links on your assets. This will result in the growth of both content creators. Eg: If I have an education website I can approach similar education websites to add backlinks to my content on their website. I can do the same i.e. add their portfolio links on my website. This activity also enhances the search indexing of both websites.

7) Paid ads:

Here you can pay agencies like google ads, youtube ads, etc. to serve ads of your content. You can create an advertisement poster or a video, submit it to the portal, and then set your budget for the ad campaign. You are charged on the basis of CPC(Cost per click) and CPM(Cost per thousand impressions). You can configure various parameters like category, age group, location, target keywords, CPM, and CPC in the dashboard provided by the respective agency. Here also a lot of research and analysis needs to be done. As per my suggestion, for learning purpose you can always start with a low budget along with a lower CPM and a lower CPC. You will eventually learn more when you practice and start analyzing the results.

8) Custom advertisements:

You can also pay other similar social media pages, websites, and apps, etc. to post links of your work as per the industry market rates. The market rates depend on a lot of factors like category, target location, duration of content etc.

What would you as a content creator choose from the above list to grow your content digitally? Let me know in the comments below!

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