Python Test #1- By Mohit Chattlani

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Mohit has 5+ years of experience in python coding. He has made a free playlist on YouTube covering various topics on python for classes 11th and 12th in Hindi. The same can be found using this link.

About the Test:
  • This is a practice test for students so that they can test their basic python knowledge.
  • This test also aligns with the new objective pattern introduced by CBSE for testing students in 2021.
How to attempt the test?
  • You are required to fill name, email, age and country. Then click start to begin the test.
  • You will be given 35 minutes to attempt 30 questions.
  • You can submit your test when you are done or it shall be automatically submitted after 35 minutes.
  • You will get your scores after you complete the test.
  • CBSE has introduced such objective pattern for testing students.
  • If you have any queries please reach out at from your registered email id.
  • If you want to contribute a test on teslaberry you can reach us at the above email address.

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