IQ test by Mensa member- By Robert Andacs

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My name is Andacs Robert Eugen and I'm the founder and director of the Bailey Universe website. Besides that, I studied astronomy and physics (including quantum mechanics) with prestigious professors from the Romanian Academy of Science, and I'm a national Olympian in Linguistics and Physics. I'm also a Mensa member and an IQ test creator. Below you can see one of my tests. I work hard to create such an accurate IQ test. I hope you will enjoy it and you will score well! One thing before you start the test: If you want to see my work, support me, and also learn easily one of the hardest subjects in the world, Quantum Mechanics, please access my course on this link.

About the Test:
  • This test consists of 30 Questions distributed across 3 levels in the Spatial and Verbal reasoning category.
  • The test has been designed in a way to make sure it is as close to being accurate as possible after years of research and experience.
  • Most multinational corporations use similar tests as part of their job candidates' selection process.
  • If you score more than 130 on this test, you have a very high chance of scoring over 130 in a Mensa test, and thus entering the Mensa organization.
How to attempt the test?
  • As this is a paid test session, you are required to make a payment of $5.
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  • Once the payment is done, a form will get enabled.
  • You will be required to fill name, email, age, and country and then click start to begin the test.
  • You will be given 40 minutes to attempt 30 questions which consist of 3 levels.
  • You can submit your test when you are done or it shall be automatically submitted after 40 minutes.
  • You will get your scores after you complete the test.
  • If you are not able to access the test after successful payment please let us know and share a screenshot at our email address. We will resolve the issue and optionally offer a 30% refund if found to be genuine.
  • If you have any queries you can email us at or DM us on Twitter or Instagram.
About the Certificate:
  • IQ tests certificates are useful during job screening, resume writing and university applications.
  • For Teslaberry IQ Certificates you can email your test score screenshot at from your registered email id along with a valid identity proof(Aadhar, PAN, DL, Passport, Voter ID).
  • Every certificate cost 160 INR / $2 per entree.

Lorenzo Amadori. Scored 27 / 30.

Creative items and fairly accurate norms.

The below norming has been done by using 18 samples.

Raw 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
IQSD15 <67 70 73 76 79 82 85 88 91 94 97 100 103 106 109 112 115 118 121 124 127 130 133 136 139 142 145 148 151 154 157

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